This is a handbook for ARC labs which is a part of ARC university courses. The handbook is written to help students who attend the ARC university course. Anyone interested in DesignWare® ARC® processors can also take this handbook as a quick start-up to get started in DesignWare® ARC® processors development. In this handbook, all the basic elements of ARC are described in the labs with a step-by-step approach.

This handbook can be used as a Lab teaching material for ARC university courses at undergraduate or graduate level with majors in Commuter Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or for professional engineers.

This handbook includes a series of labs (more labs will be added in the future), which are roughly classified into 3 levels:

The labs in this level cover the basic topics of DesignWare® ARC® processors. For example, the installation and usage of hardware and software tools, software or hardware development kits, the first hello world example, interrupt handling and internal timers of DesignWare® ARC® processors, and so on.

The labs in this level cover the advanced topics of DesignWare® ARC® processors. For example, Real-Time Operating System (RTOS), customized linkage, compiler optimization, basic applications, DesignWare® ARC® processors DSP feature, and so on.

The labs in this level cover some complex applications of DesignWare® ARC® processors. For example, Internet of Things (IoT) application, embedded machine learning, and so on.

Most of the labs are based on the embARC Open Software Platform (OSP) which is an open software platform to facilitate the development of embedded systems based on DesignWare® ARC® processors.

It is designed to provide a unified platform for DesignWare® ARC® processors users by defining consistent and simple software interfaces to the processor and peripherals together with ports of several well known Free and open-source software (FOSS) embedded software stacks to DesignWare® ARC® processors.

For more details about embARC OSP, please see its online docs.

Supported Hardware Platform

The following DesignWare® ARC® processors based hardware platforms are supported in this handbook.

You can click the above links to get the platform’s data sheet and user manual as a reference.


Item Name
1 ARC EM Databook
2 MetaWare docs
3 ARC EM Starter Kit User Guide
4 ARC GNU docs